The easiest way to get brand new Did This Happen? episodes delivered to you the moment they are released is to Subscribe to our Podcast! It’s EASY to do and it’s FREE!

To subscribe in iTunes (FREE, for both Mac & PC), follow these directions:


  • Open the iTunes application.
  • Click “Advanced” from the horizontal menu at the top
  • Choose “Subscribe to Podcast”
  • In the field marked “URL:” paste
  • Click the “OK” button

Your subscription is complete! You will begin downloading the latest episode immediately.

Generic podcast subscription instructions:
To subscribe to the Did This Happen? podcast, copy and paste the following URL into your podcasting client:

What is a podcast?

Podcasting is the generic term for making audio content available for automatic download and later playback on portable devices such as Apple iPods. (Note that this is significantly different from our current RealAudio offerings, which require the Real Media Player.)

Additionally, you can play the audio on your computer using a variety of audio applications.

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